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ATiS / IMDA Telecommunications Industry Networking Event

Just wrapped up a fantastic co-sponsored event tonight between ATiS and IMDA (Info-communications Media Development Authority - in Singapore! It was held at IMDA’s newly renovated office at Mapletree Business City. The food was delicious and the wine was free flowing. New relationships were formed and old friendships were solidified. Many thanks to our special guests, Aileen Chia, Director-General (Telecoms & Post) at IMDA for attending and Philip Heah, Senior Director (Sectoral Transformation | Technology and Infrastructure) and his highly capable team at IMDA for making this collaboration between IMDA and ATiS a reality. The new ATiS Executive Council (exco) for 2018 has new ideas and a refreshed commitment to driving new programs and events in 2018 for our members and for the telecom industry as a whole in Singapore. Thanks to Mike Ang, Yip Yew Seng, Darwin Ho, Khoo Teng Lock, Conrad Chan, Edmund How, and Wang Weiguo for making this evening a truly successful event!

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