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ATiS established in 1986.


ATiS champions industry issues on behalf of the ICT / Telecommunications industry in Singapore. 


It seeks to provide a common platform for all members of the industry to interact, work together and position Singapore as a leading global InfoCommunications (ICT) hub.


ATiS members come from all areas of the ICT / Telecommunications industry including Service Providers and Operators, Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers, Value-Added Resellers (VARs), System Integrators (SIs), Consultants and RND organisations.


ATiS seeks to keep it's members abreast with up-coming technologies and industry updates by organising regular seminars and info-sharing sessions. 


ATiS reinforces its presence in the industry by participating in international/regional conferences and exhibitions, facilitating networking sessions with foreign trading partners, representing the industry in national standards committees and establishing regular dialogues between the industry and the Government.


In the coming years, ATiS plans to roll out a series of initiatives, seeking to boost its profile and involvement to greater heights. Quarterly newsletters and activities corresponding to the members' needs are also organised on a regular basis, to promote networking and information exchange.


In addition, ATiS will continue to represent Singapore in the annual conference of the Asian Telecommunications Information Exchange (ATIE), an annual forum that encompasses ICT / Telecommunication industry bodies in Asia and currently comprises members in SAR Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India and Australia.


Current members are:


CAHK (Hong Kong), CIAJ (Japan), KAIT (Korea), ATiS (Singapore), TEEMA (Taiwan), TEMA (India), and AIG (Australia)


ATiS is currently working to include our neighboring countries in SE Asia, in the ATIE and to promote SMEs in the ICT industry to develop their business and venture overseas.



Industry Luminaries to Drive the Telecom Industry in Singapore

At ATiS, we believe that the key to establishing Singapore as a leader in the Telecommunications industry is by being deeply connected to the local government, associated industry bodies, and large and small commercial businesses alike. That’s why we count on our Executive Council, made up of dedicated, talented, and professional experts, to represent Singapore's Telecom industry. Check out the team and let us know what we can do for you.



Ling Ting Ming

ActiV Technology Group

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Ong Sing Jye



Executive Council Member

Khoo Teng Lock

Lock Spectrum Consultancy

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Executive Council Member

Conrad Chan



Immediate Past President & Executive Council Member

Mike Ang

Infosec Ventures

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Honourary Secretary

Yip Yew Seng



Executive Council Member

Peter Hum



Executive Council Member

Preetam Bose




As 2019 moves into 2020, we will see a dramatic change in the Telecommunications landscape.  Internet of Things (IOT), Software Defined Networks (SDN) including Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) and Over The Top (OTT) applications are some of the more visible technology that are being used and tested more.

ATiS continues to work with the Infocommunications Media Development Authority (IMDA) in the Technical Standards committee for Radio Frequency (RF) as well as bilateral meetings between IMDA and MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission).

ATiS is also active in the Asian Telecommunications Information Exchange (ATIE) which will be held later this year in New Delhi, in conjunction with a Smart Nation event.  India has about 100 Smart City projects and ATiS will explore collaboration in a consortium to bid for selected cities.

ATiS is also invited to many regional annual events like Global Sources in Hong Kong every April and October, as well as being one of the judges at the Asia Communications Awards during CommunicAsia week.

ATiS organises Telecom Tuesday, a foremost networking event held quarterly , usually with a speaker of a current topic of interest, like SDN, Bitcoin/crypto-currency and Cloud services.

Two areas that ATiS will explore are:

  1. Cyber-security, as Service providers have millions of subscribers, the impact will be greatest if there are any breach.

  2. Training, as members find difficulty in employing Singaporeans in professional roles like Network Engineering and Solution Architecture as Web, mobile and cellular networks converge.


ATiS will continue to offer its members, networking opportunities, particularly with similar Telecom Industry organisations.

Mike Ang - ATiS President

What We Stand For



  1. To develop, promote and protect the free trade of ICT / Telecommunication products and Information Technology (IT) products, technologies and services in Singapore. This encompasses persons, companies, organisations and societies engaged or having an interest in the ICT / Telecommunications industry;

  2. To promote and encourage better trade relationships, co-operation and sharing of knowledge and technology among Members;

  3. To provide a legitimate and competent representation to the Government, the ICT / Telecommunications Operators, Service Providers and the general public as well as to any national or international organisations and authorities in order to promote the growth of the ICT / Telecommunications industry and interests of it's members;

  4. To foster closer ties with other ICT / Telecommunication and Industry Associations, bodies throughout the world and wherever desirable, to affiliate or subscribe to membership thereof;

  5. To provide a meeting place or meeting places for it's Members and to bring together persons engaged or connected with the ICT / Telecommunications industry so that there may by co-operation and mutual exchange of ideas and views and advance the interest's of Members;

  6. To inform and continuously update Members on technological and commercial developments in the ICT / Telecommunications industry;

  7. To assist the appropriate agencies in Singapore on standards, specifications on products and rules and regulations on ICT / Telecommunications;

  8. To organise and support trade exhibitions, conferences and seminars relating to ICT / Telecommunications;

  9. To carry out such activities as may be delegated to the Association by any Governmental or Quasi-Governmental body, Statutory Board or any other authority and generally to do all such other lawful things as the Executive Council may consider necessary for the benefit of Members and industry at large.


ATiS Constitution


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