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NTCA 2019 Trade Fair - Driving Innovation Between New Taipei and Singapore!

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Once again, The Association of the Telecommunications Industry of Singapore (ATiS) has been invited to participate in New Taipei Computer Association’s (NTCA) 2019 Trade Fair in New Taipei City(Sept 24th - 24th, 2019). This year, Preetam Bose from our Executive Council is on hand to represent our association at this high profile and very prestigious event. Peter Hum, ATiS Vice-President, also had a videoconference chat from Singapore with the Mayor of New Taipei, Hou You-Yi yesterday and he graciously spoke about long term trade cooperatives between New Taipei and Singapore. We continue to affirm our close relationship with NTCA moving forward and we look forward to participating next year in NTCA’s Trade Fair in 2020!

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