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Note: This is not the official website of Inc. Inc. is not responsible for any link on this site which is not under its control. Inc. is not responsible for any content hosted on this site. The most accurate method for finding free cloud storage is to use a VPN and to check the names of those sites listed on our list of free cloud storage sites. A VPN, or virtual private network, is a system that encrypts your data before it travels across the Internet and protects you from anyone snooping on your Internet activities. When you are looking for free cloud storage, VPN is the best method for finding the websites where your data is stored. Cloud Storage What is Cloud Storage? Cloud storage is a type of online storage space that is shared with other users. It provides the secure online space in the cloud where your documents, pictures, music, videos, movies, and other content are stored and made accessible anytime, anywhere. Online storage services allow you to access your data through a web browser from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It helps you manage your files on a single platform. Advantages of Cloud Storage Cloud storage gives you access to all your data online, in a secure and encrypted environment. It offers a huge storage space of unlimited data storage. You can access your files from any device with an Internet connection. The service is cheap with no usage limits. What is a Free Cloud Storage? There is an ongoing debate on whether cloud storage is actually free or not. It has been argued that you can create your own cloud storage with unlimited storage space and bandwidth, but most sites do not offer unlimited storage space. Most free cloud storage providers offer a generous space of about 10 GB-30 GB which is enough for your daily use. Top Sites for Cloud Storage Cloud storage services are offered by many website owners to give users free cloud storage. They offer a large amount of free cloud storage in different sizes. These storage providers offer a wide range of features and some of them have unlimited storage space. Here are some of the best free cloud storage services. Pixflo Pixflo is a free cloud storage service where you can upload and download files online without paying any fee. The free version of Pixflo offers a storage space of 1 GB to 30 GB. The paid version of Pix



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